Tuesday, February 20, 2007

...and concerning Windows Vista

Plain and simple, Windows Vista is a DOG!!! It could be the worst performing operating system Microsoft has produced...period. It takes a ultra capable Core 2 Duo processing unit and makes it a door stop. You will need a minimum of 2 GB of RAM just to run the base OS effectively. That's before trying to run any applications. 1 GB just doesn't cut it anymore. I have a Pentium 1, 166 Mhz laptop that boots Windows 98 in half the time. Ridiculous.

And as for Civil 3D running on Vista...well I am a glutton for punishment but I actually had it working until I applied Service Pack 3. Now I get a Fatal Error when trying to open the program. I read in Heidi Hewitt's blog that Autodesk is working on a patch for AutoCAD 2007 and Windows Vista. But even with a patch, stay with Windows XP / Pro. You'll be glad you did.

AutoCAD Bloggers Love 2008

My head is spinning from all of the blog entries concerning AutoCAD 2008 and Civil 3D 2008. By the time it's released in April, I will have forgotten all of the tips and tricks I'm currently reading about. I'm still trying to figure out the capabilities of 2007 products....LOL! Keep the tips coming though ...I'll just have to re-research in the Spring. Thanks!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Grading with Corridors example

Screen capture of recent project where corridors were used to develop large drainage ditch around site. Ditch is 2.5 meters deep and has a 2.5 meter bottom width.