Friday, December 07, 2007

Sick all week at AU

Well my AU this year was a wasted week. Tuesday night I acquired what can be called "Montezuma's Revenge - Las Vegas style". I was laid up in my hotel room from Wednesday morning for the remainder of my stay until Sunday night when I left. The stomach bacterial battle of my life. And my poor wife flew in Friday to have a fun weekend but I was in no mood. Furthermore, she got what I had when we got back home on Monday and has been fighting the beast virus all week with me.

So needless to say my week in Vegas was a complete waste besides giving the lame healthcare providers in the city my $50 co-pays for 2 emergency urgent care visits and helping to keep Walgreens pharmacy on the south strip in business.

So for those of you who I meant to meet during the week, sorry, maybe next time when AU is NOT in Vegas. Maybe one year it can be held on the east coast again.

At least I got a wizard's hat at the subscription booth Tuesday night. That was my highlight.