Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Civil 3D 2009 - Missing Arrowheads

Are you missing arrowheads on dimensions, as in can't see them on-screen or can't plot them? Then more than likely you're also using Raster Design with Civil 3D 2009, right? Autodesk has issued a HotFix for this bug. It can be found at Solid Filled Filled Hotfix.

Civil 3D 2009 Network Deployment Install Issue

I ran across this yesterday while helping out one of my co-workers. Civil 3D 2009 will not install from a network deployment if Autodesk DWF Viewer 6.5 or prior is installed. The Hydroflow products and the Survey Link install, but then the setup ends suddenly and without warning. We didn't know what the issue was until we tried installing C3D directly from the DVD. The DVD setup showed that the install could not continue without uninstalling DWF Viewer 6.5. It worked fine after that.